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New Beginnings...

We are a brand new Hausarztpraxis in Biel. Our team consists of four people with different backgrounds, experiences and skills who are now all working together to serve our community.

A new beginning is something good, something fresh, something refreshing. A new Adventure in life, a new Outlook, a new experience.

Have you a story of a new beginning in your life to share with us?

A new job?

A new business?

A new school/college?

A new friend?

A new baby?

A new parent/sibling?

A new country?

A new language?

A new body part eg. knee, hip, kidney?

A new discovery/philosophy?

A new book?

A new community?

Tell us all about your new beginning in the comments section below. We would love to hear it!

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The big freeze

The festivities of the summer are over. This includes our big african Opening party held on the terrace of the MZB, on the very last summer-like weekend of the year. Since then, it has been cold, rain


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