What we do

Our services

  • Chronic illness care
  • Imaging (eg. Xrays)

  • ECG

  • Exercise tolerance test (bicycle)

  • Ear syringing

  • Medical travel advice

  • Woundcare

  • Ambulatory care

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Take time for yourself. Manage stress in your life better. Come and talk to your doctor about it early on.

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General Information

  • General Health
  • Check ups and Wellness

  • Vaccinations

  • Medical examinations (Work/Sport)

  • Over 70s driving licence

  • Home Visits 

  • Minor procedures

  • Allergy desensitisation

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Lab results
Electronic medical records
  • Access for wheelchairs available

  • Dogs for the blind allowed

  • Otherwise no other animals 

  • We are on the 2nd floor

  • We are a paperless Practice

  • Tiers payant (direct invoice to your insurance company) except those with ASSURA Insurance